Growing Plants Indoors With LED Grow Lights

by admin ~ September 16th, 2011. Filed under: LED Grow Lights.

LED grow lights are used to provide a source of energy for indoor plants. While there are a variety of types of grow lights available, the LED lights are the most environmentally friendly. There are several excellent advantages to using grow lights for indoor gardening; some of them include environmental safety, healthier plants and energy savings.

First, LED grow lights do not harm the environment. Another type of light that is sometimes used is the fluorescent bulb, which gives off a mercury vapor. Fluorescents are especially dangerous if they should ever break. In addition, LED bulbs save on electricity. This in turn decreases the carbon gas byproducts that have been proven to cause the most global warming.

Secondly, LED grow lights provide an exceptionally healthy environment for actively growing plants. The spectrum of light that they produce is more beneficial to plants than that which is produced by other varieties of grow lights. LEDs do not require the use of any extraneous reflectors to increase the power of the light directed towards the plants; reflectors often scorch tender plant growth and create excessively dry soil from the increased heat.

Thirdly, while LED grow lights may be costly to purchase, they actually save money in the end. They are sturdy, dependable and last between eight and twelve years on average. They do not require expensive ballasts for mounting as fluorescent bulbs do. In addition, they only require twenty volts of electricity, which is one-sixth of the normal amount needed. This provides a high electrical savings.

LED grow lights are by far the best lights for tender indoor plants. They create a healthy environment for plants while being environmentally friendly. Those who choose to invest in these bulbs will find great satisfaction in their choice.

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