The “Green” Advantage of LED Grow Lights

by admin ~ September 14th, 2011. Filed under: LED Grow Lights.

If considering a more “green” method of growing plants indoors, utilizing light-emitting diodes, or LED grow lights, is a perfect option. Since such systems consume less power, produce far less heat, and have an estimated 100,000 hour life span, this method of lighting is quickly replacing the use of traditional HID light sources.

At its most basic level, LED grow lights are designed to stimulate photosynthesis in plants by providing ideal frequencies of light. The combination of blue and red lights, which generally results in a purplish tinge, is optimal for promoting this growth process. Also, by only producing colors that can be absorbed by plants, LEDs eliminate wastes. Because of this sort of efficiency, these lighting systems will also negate the need for many other accessories that are often required for indoor planting, such as fans, reflectors, and ballasts.

Due to the reduction of bulky ventilations systems and other accessories, LED grow lights also makes indoor planting a far more contained -and quiet- enterprise. And, although utilizing a smaller space, the ability to scale LED grow bars will permit indoor garden expansion.

One thing that must be remembered is that, since LEDs do not produce as much heat as standard HIDs, plants may not need to be watered as often as usual. It is important to monitor how the plant is reacting to the change in lights, and modifying watering or fertilizing accordingly.

Viewed as a revolutionary essentials to indoor plant gardening, be it for private, commercial, or educational intents, LED grow lights provide efficient, safe, durable, and environmentally friendly growth and development.

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